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We are dedicated to Processing the Backlog

For decades, hundreds of thousands of rape kits have gone untested,  meaning that hundreds of thousands of crimes have gone unsolved, victims  have been denied justice, and perpetrators have gone undetected. Sexual  assault survivors—and the general public—deserve better. By funding a solution: using automation robots and modular low-rent private lab expansion into incubator  spaces we can eliminate the backlog of untested rape kits by skipping  bureaucratic red tape, reducing cost, and increasing speed. Let's DO something about this problem.  Here is the story of Joanie that inspired our involvement in this movement.

Professionalism and Experience

By analyzing the samples collected in a rape kit, forensic scientists  can develop a DNA profile that is unique to the perpetrator. That DNA  profile can then be compared to a database with thousands of other DNA  profiles from known offenders and from unsolved crime scenes. This  process can both identify an unknown perpetrator and link a suspect to other crimes. 

To accomplish these things, however, rape kits must be tested.  Because research suggests that rapists often commit more than one violent sexual assault and multiple violent crimes; it is important to  also test DNA samples of prisoners who are already incarcerated for violent crimes. In addition to those kits, there also is a huge backlog of prisoner DNA sample kits as well. We need to process both of these to provide the most matches!

Supportive Journey

We assembled a team of committed scientists and technicians who will  deliver results on time within a fraction of the cost of government labs and we exceed the minimum FBI Laboratory’s guidelines, by using the latest technology to produce more accurate results. For a good example of a private Forensics lab visit Sorenson Forensics

In the United States, it is estimated that there are hundreds of  thousands of untested kits in police and crime lab storage facilities.  Each kit represents a survivor who courageously submitted to the four to  six-hour rape kit collection process and reported the rape to the  police. Many of these survivors never receive any follow-up information  after filing the police report. 

About Us

The Phases of Impact

Private Forensics Labs will utilize state of the art automation to help reduce  backlogs of rape kits in the US. As we grow, we will then tackle many  other areas of DNA testing that is backlogged. 

Our process can also be used to help end the backlog of CODIS,  (Combined DNA Index System) the generic term used to describe the FBI's  program of support for criminal justice DNA databases. According to this  PBS article, (  ), “The only thing that’s limiting the expansion of DNA databases is  the fact that samples often come in faster than labs can analyze them.  That’s produced enormous backlogs. To address the problem, the federal  government has given $151 million annually to state and local  governments since 2005 to process DNA samples. That assistance has been  extended through 2014. But even that funding hasn’t let labs catch up.”

We can also process the backlog of violent prisoner DNA sample kits and offer  objective DNA retesting as part of the Innocence Project. We hope to  ultimately offer our services at cost to process global samples.  Globally there are an excess of 87,000 rape cases per year. As we go  further, we will offer our DNA forensics testing service to the  Innocence Project (

What We Need

We need awareness and donation. Your donation will go toward the following costs:

  • Pay for lab equipment 
  • Pay the technicians
  • Pay for lab consumables

You will receive a 501c(3) tax donation in the mail.

Risks & Challenges

Some of the kits are not high quality DNA samples. Over time the kits  may have degraded below detection, or there could have been issues with  collecting the samples themselves. There will be times when our  processing is not going to work, due to this poor quality. There could  be times when the DNA we successfully process is not found in the DNA  database. Innovations from Private companies will allow us to perform  simultaneous automated pre-screening of 96 samples at a time to  determine if the sample contains Male DNA in significant enough  quantities to perform analysis. Another challenge is DNA samples  containing more than one contributor.

These challenges are not an excuse from processing backlog kits at  all.  With our scientists and CSI experts, the processing of viable kits  can happen at a much faster rate by identifying select high quality  samples to perform full analysis on. These high quality samples are much  more likely to achieve successful database matching and convection rate  in court.


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